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Premium Milkshakes

Shakezz is a producer of ready-made milkshakes.

Discover the groundbreaking concept of Shakezz Milkshakes: delicious, top-quality icy Milkshakes, specially designed for leading catering establishments and retailers that offer quality. Treat your customers to an unparalleled quality experience. Shakezz Milkshakes works closely with you to ensure that every consumer optimally enjoys our high-quality product, which also has an appearance of class.

Register your business account now and benefit from our special offer and competitive prices for catering and retailers. Discover why Shakezz Milkshakes is the choice for demanding professionals.

Fresh ingredients

Shakezz uses the best ingredients

Why are Shakezz Milkshakes so much tastier than machine-made milkshakes? Our milkshakes are composed with carefully selected real ingredients. We strive for fresh ingredients, preferably locally produced. Furthermore, we maintain regular contact with our suppliers to constantly strive for improvement and innovation.

At Shakezz we do not use concentrates, syrups, artificial flavors or colorings. Our milkshakes are always pure and authentic, making the taste experience unparalleled.


Dairy of the highest quality

An essential ingredient in our milkshakes is dairy, which ensures the perfect balance and creamy taste of every milkshake. That is why we only use dairy products from renowned Dutch suppliers. These regions are known worldwide for their unparalleled quality.



Fast delivery

Are you placing an order for milkshakes today? Your order will then be shipped the next working day.

For deliveries within the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium you can count on an average delivery time of 1 day. For other countries, delivery time may vary between 2 and 3 days.


Please contact us!

We are happy to offer non-binding advice on the presentation and preparation of our milkshakes. If you have any questions, we are always ready to support you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Shakezz Milkshakes in your product range?


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