The Story of Shakezz

In 2016 something beautiful started. A tasty addition to the menu of our own restaurants, which quickly became our best-selling item. Within no time we were approached by colleagues from the nearby area who asked if we could also supply milkshakes to them.

The effortless and fast preparation of our delicious milkshakes was a revelation for many catering entrepreneurs. The use of real and fresh ingredients, as opposed to the machine-produced fast food milkshakes, did not go unnoticed.

Today we supply milkshakes to companies in no fewer than 10 countries. And we will continue until the whole world can enjoy a REAL ShakezZ Milkshake 🙂.

Join us and discover why we are a top choice for real milkshake lovers worldwide.

Elskensakker 34, 5571 SK Bergeijk
the Netherlands

Monday-Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Email: Tel:+31634277230 VAT ID: NL857839329B01